Problems We Solve

Supervisory authorities today are expected to collect many forms of complex data from various market participants. 

  • Supervisors struggle with a combination of disparate processes and inflexible IT data collection and analysis systems.
  • Staff spend too much time on data collection and preparation, and it takes far too long to get usable data.
  • Authorities need to turn around new data collections ever more quickly.

Key Benefits

Vizor Regulatory Returns empowers the supervisory authority to take control of regulatory data collections.

  • With an integrated data collection system based on best-in-class templates and processes.
  • Data is collected through a pre-built web portal which requires minimal end user support. 
  • Data is fully validated in the portal before submission, reducing the collection workload and freeing up staff for supervision.

Product Highlights

Regulatory Returns Data Collection

Regulatory Returns Data Collection

  • Collect regulatory return data on a periodically scheduled or ad-hoc basis.
  • Collect conventional or highly complex multi-dimensional data, on a solo or consolidated basis.
  • Allow regulated entities to enter return data via web forms or upload data in multiple formats, including MS Excel, XML and XBRL.
  • Allow regulated entities to file incremental revisions of a return across time periods.
  • Automatically generate reminders for upcoming and overdue returns.
Returns Validation & Submission

Returns Validation & Submission

  • Automatically validate return data prior to submission in real-time or off-line, depending on return complexity.
  • Create and execute powerful validation rules that validate all data – not just within a return, but also across time, across returns and across dimensions. 
  • Choose whether rule failures should prevent return submission (errors) or allow submission (warnings).
Returns Review & Assessment

Returns Review & Assessment

  • Review & assess successfully submitted return data.
  • Perform an assessment of the overall financial health of the regulated entity.1
  • Receive early warning notifications if data quality or plausibility thresholds are breached, enabling early intervention.1
  • Conduct plausibility analysis on the return data and request further information from the regulated entity for significant outliers.1
  • Levy penalties on the regulated entity for late filings.2

1Available with Advanced Assessment Module

2Available with Payments Module


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Learn more about the breadth of our product's capability to support the supervisor function.

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Vizor Software has been architected and developed to the highest international standards, incorporating best practice development methodologies and utilising modern enterprise-class technologies.

SQL Server

Supports Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database system.

Multiple Data Formats

Supports a wide variety of formats including XBRL, XML, HTML, Excel and PDF.

Advanced Security

Including encryption, CAPTCHA, Active Directory and 2-factor authentication.

Enterprise Performance

Highly scalable to handle heavy usage and peak periods.