Problems We Solve

As regulatory requirements become more onerous and detailed, maintaining an up to date master data profile of each market participant has become extremely challenging.

  • Disparate systems make it difficult for regulators to collect and assess master data changes in a straightforward manner.
  • Poor systems jeopardise the supervisory authority's ability to meet SLA commitments with the industry.
  • Master data profile data may become inaccurate, resulting in regulatory and reputational risk.

Key Benefits

Vizor Licensing and Regulatory Transactions supports the complete lifecycle for licensing and authorisation of market participants including investment funds.

  • A pre-built portal with out-of-the-box forms and templates that support a structured authorisation process.
  • Streamlined workflows that reduce the administration overhead on staff and ensure regulated entity data change requests are assessed within SLA timeframes.
  • Manage the fitness and probity assessment of key individuals.

Product Highlights

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

  • View a complete Institutional Profile for each regulated entity, as well as their relationships with other parties and historical Institutional Profile changes.
  • Read/import Institutional Profile data from a 3rd party MDM system if required.
  • Allow regulated entities to view their Institutional Profile.
  • Allow regulated entities to certify annually the information in their Institutional Profile, removing the need for annual returns that duplicate information. 
  • Fully searchable repository of master data.
  • Includes pre-built reports such as register of licensed entities, directors, products, shareholders and the capability to add others.
  • Changes to the Institutional Profile over time are logged and distributed for use in downstream systems or a public registry.
Submission & Approval of Regulatory Transactions

Submission & Approval of Regulatory Transactions

  • Collect & validate Regulatory Transactions from market participants. Examples of Regulatory Transactions include: 
    • Request for Approval of Key Individual.
    • Request for Approval of New Product.
    • Request for Change on already registered Company, Product, Individual.
    • Request for Approval of Change in Significant Ownership Request for Approval of Major Acquisition.
    • Notification of Change in External Advisor or Service Provider. 
  • Assess fitness & probity of key individuals.
  • Assess Regulatory Transactions and request further/amended information if required.
  • Control approval processes with powerful workflow tools and recording of SLAs.
  • Automatically update the Institutional Profile with new and changed corporate information on approval of Regulatory Transactions.
Licensing of New Market Participants

Licensing of New Market Participants

  • Assess license applications, including:
    • Corporate structure & governance
    • Proposed activities
    • Risk management and controls
    • Pro-forma financial statements and projections
    • Offering documents and material contracts
  • Assess key individuals for fitness and probity.
  • Request further/amended application information from new market participants if assessment criteria are not met or other issues are identified.
  • Manage and control complex cross-departmental license approval processes.
  • Upon license approval, automatically generate the approved regulated entity Institutional Profile from the application form information.



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Vizor Licensing and Regulatory Transactions Data Sheet

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