Problems We Solve

Supervisors need to produce analyses and publications against regulatory data collected from market participants.

  • Supervisors struggle to produce these analyses as many regulatory data sources are not compatible with industry standard business intelligence tools.
  • Implementing custom ETL of data to a data warehouse can take months or even years.
  • Custom analytics projects usually significantly underestimate scope, cost, and complexity of implementation and ongoing support.

Key Benefits

Vizor Analytics solves this challenge by automatically providing a data warehouse for regulatory data collected through Vizor Software.

  • Data collected by Vizor Software can now be analysed with BI tools such as Tableau, and Power BI or even directly via Excel or PowerPivot.
  • A data warehouse is created automatically based on Vizor returns metadata, and when the structure of a return changes, the structure of the data warehouse is automatically updated accordingly.
  • The original collection format of data is irrelevant. Data shredded to a Vizor schema, will be transformed and ready for analysis.


Technical Overview

Data Warehouse Solution Architecture

Data Warehouse Solution Architecture

Vizor Analytics solution comprises a BI Windows service (which performs ETL) and two SQL Server databases, staging and data warehouse. 

  • Optimised for data analysis (star/snowflake schema)
  • Any supported BI tool can be placed on top
    • Empowers business users
    • Can connect to OOTB data warehouse directly, e.g. with Excel, Tableau, Power BI, etc.
  • Automatic data movement between:
    • Vizor Operational Database - VSAB
    • Vizor Staging Database - VBIS
    • Vizor Data Warehouse - VDW


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Vizor Analytics Data Sheet

The datasheet provides more complete details on the AEOI analytics module.

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