The Vizor Software 2018 Release offers breakthrough levels of self-service for supervisory authorities. The pace of regulatory change is ever increasing, and financial supervisors need a new way to respond.

With the 2018 release of Vizor Builder, supervisory authorities now have effective tools to implement significant configuration changes themselves without the need for lengthy and costly software changes. For example, the new metadata importers automatically create new data collections from existing XBRL taxonomy packages or XML schemas, allowing supervisors to launch new solutions within days or weeks.

To further support supervisors’ need for self-service, the release includes powerful new features to manage validation rules. The enhancements reduce the need for full deployments to production systems and improve the overall efficiency of maintaining and extending Vizor Software.

In addition to the suite of self-service improvements, the platform benefits from a range of security, performance and technical enhancements. Also, the User Interface (UI) has been upgraded to a more modern look and feel. Some of the new release features are highlighted below, and a full 2018 Release Notes document is available from the support team.

New Importer Wizard

The new importer wizard allows a user of Vizor Builder import XBRL taxonomy packages or XML schemas, creating new Vizor data collections automatically. There are many internationally developed XML schemas and XBRL taxonomies which have been adopted and/or extended by jurisdictions. The new importer wizard allows supervisors leverage these existing specifications to rapidly deploy new collections at low cost. Users do not need to be experts in XBRL or XML schemas in order to exploit the capabilities of the new wizard.

The wizard also supports the export and import of data validation and business rules to/from a Microsoft Excel template where they can be updated and added to. As supervisory authorities can have thousands of rules, this provides a huge efficiency gain in managing data collections.

Enhanced Rule Management

Two key new features have been added in this release to enhance the management of rules and reduce the need for incremental releases.

  1. With the new Manage Rule Restrictions feature in Vizor Supervision Centre, existing validation rules for any return in the current release can be disabled (or re-enabled) for firms/groups.

  2. With the new Release Management feature in Vizor Supervision Centre, system administrators no longer need to deploy an incremental release on servers if they are just adding a rule or changing an existing rule. Instead, a Vizor Supervision Centre user with the appropriate administrator permission can upload the package and apply the updates to the environment to see instant changes to rules.

Vizor Software Gets a UI Makeover

With this release, Vizor Software features a new UI. The streamlined UI offers a cleaner and more modern look and feel to enhance the user experience. The menu has moved from the top to the side, with individual menu items appearing when selected. New image icons have been applied for both the help feature and the logout function to make it more intuitive.

The default UI comes in the standard Vizor colour scheme with the Vizor logo in the header. Simple instructions are provided for customers to replace colours through the provided Cascading Style Sheets and provide their own replacement logo for the headers.

For existing customers, the new release is available as part of your support and maintenance contract. Please contact the support team to review the release and plan the upgrade to your system.