SupTech Solutions for Financial Regulators

Strengthen the entire supervisory life cycle with improved data quality that enables more efficient supervision and effective analysis.

SupTech for Supervision: Machine Learning for the Regulatory Life Cycle

What are the benefits of utilizing Machine Learning to extract insight from the collected data?

SupTech Focus: AI to the Rescue?

With increased use of AI in financial services, it's crucial regulators increase their knowledge of the potential risks while raising internal AI skill levels and usage.

Putting Collection Self-Service in the Hands of Business Users

Vizor Builder enables custom configuration without the need for software changes

The Move to Risk-Based Supervision

New approaches to implementing risk-based supervision, leveraging data sources and identifying systemic risks.

Launch New Data Collections Within a Matter of Days

The Vizor Software 2018 Release offers a new importer wizard that creates new data collections automatically.

Our Vision: Seamless Data Exchange Between Regulated Entities and the Regulator

Current supervisory systems cannot respond to the speed of change in regulations and emerging risks. From licensing and authorisations, to data collection, analysis and risk-based supervision, Vizor Software supports Financial Regulators with an integrated approach.

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SupTech Explained

What is Suptech?

SupTech is the specific use of supervisory technology by competent entities such as banking, insurance, pensions and other financial services supervisors. It enables a more risk-based approach to core supervisory reporting and other regulatory duties. This is achieved through advances in software, data science and the digitisation of existing best practices. In some cases, the focus of SupTech is to improve existing practices and technology. In other cases, entire processes and solutions can be reimagined and new processes can emerge.

What is Suptech?

Differences from RegTech and FinTech

There are important nuances and differences between these terms. FinTech is the overall term for the use of technology to deliver financial services and products to consumers. RegTech on the other hand is designed to assist regulated entities in meeting their obligations. It encompasses identity management, reporting, risk management and compliance. RegTech is now adopted widely in many countries both by financial institutions and other regulated entities. SupTech can be seen as the specific use of RegTech by supervisory agencies in support of their financial supervision duties.

Differences from RegTech and FinTech

Typical SupTech Use Cases

SupTech is a nascent industry. Even so, financial regulatory and compliance obligations are increasing on a global scale and supervisors are moving from monitoring historical data to a more predictive approach. Data collection is changing with the use of standard business reporting , machine-readable regulation and SupTech APIs. Legislative changes such as Solvency II and MAS 610 have given rise to new use cases. Advances in machine learning and Big Data Analytics have been used to develop new predictive solutions with a specific SupTech focus. Within this landscape, Vizor have developed innovative Financial Supervisor SupTech solutions.

Typical SupTech Use Cases


Vizor embraces innovation company-wide. Our user groups and roadmap advisory council align our focus with industry needs. Joint design sprints with customers and technology prototyping help ensure we are meeting real customer requirements with the right technical solutions. This innovation continues with service delivery and process innovation to ensure effective and predictable projects.


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