Problems we Solve

Tax Authorities in countries who have signed up to the OECD’s BEPS framework need to meet their obligations under Action 13.

  • With pressing deadlines, Tax Authorities need a solution that can be implemented quickly, with low risk.
  • A web portal is required for MNEs to self-register and subsequently submit filings.
  • Jurisdictions need a solution which keeps pace with changes in the OECD guidance over time.

Key Benefits

CbC Reporting is an add-on module for the proven Vizor AEOI product that can be implemented with customers in as little as two weeks. 

  • Extends the online web portal to allow MNEs to register on the system and subsequently file CbC Reports.
  • A user-friendly system to approve MNE registrations, transmit CbC reports to partner jurisdictions via the CTS.
  • Extensive support and software upgrades included to keep you up to date with OECD changes to CbC data schemas and business rules. 

Product Highlights

Multinational Entity Enrolment

Multinational Entity Enrolment

  • Allow MNEs to enrol with the Tax Authority by completing an enrolment form.
  • Allow MNEs to enter information including name and details of the Appointed Person who will make CbC filings on behalf of the MNE.
  • Approve or reject a submitted enrolment form.
  • Approving an enrolment form automatically creates an MNE in the system and sets up a user account so CbC filings can be filed securely.
Multinational Entity Filings

Multinational Entity Filings

  • Validate XML file uploads before submission to the Tax Authority for authorisation.
    • XML file is fully validated against relevant XSD file published by the OECD for CbC.
    • Email notifications sent automatically if submission fails.
  • Automatically execute business rules from Vizor CbC validation library.
  • Automatic submission of filing if both sets of validation produce no errors.
  • Once filing has passed, automatically notify MNE of submission acceptance.
CbC Filings and Reciprocal CbC Data

CbC Filings and Reciprocal CbC Data

  • Automated CbC Data Packet preparation.
  • Automated transfer of the CbC Data Packet to the recipient jurisdiction inbox on the CTS via the Vizor Transmission Service.
  • Automated monitoring of the Tax Authority’s inbox at the CTS for incoming CbC Data Packets.
  • Automatically inform the Tax Authority of the status of the processed CbC report.
  • Accepted CbC data is stored and available for reporting and analysis.


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Vizor AEOI Data Sheet

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Vizor Software has been architected and developed to the highest international standards, incorporating best practice development methodologies and utilising modern enterprise-class technologies.

SQL Server

Supports Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database management system

Multiple Data Formats

Supports filings in both standardized XML and manual entry to Vizor web forms.


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