Problems we Solve

Having met the challenge of AEOI data collection and transmission/receipt, tax authorities now need to make use of received data and also ensure compliance with AEOI Peer Reviews.

  • Tax Authorities need to produce aggregate statistics, evidence of compliance levels and data matching rates quickly and efficiently.
  • A reporting solution is required to address operational needs, statistical, compliance and risk reporting.
  • Jurisdictions need to respond to queries from partner jurisdictions and the OECD within short frames and with a high degree of accuracy.

Key Benefits

Meet this challenge with a suite of pre-built dashboards for the data collected through the Vizor AEOI platform. Gain actionable insights and value from AEOI data with an out-of-the-box analytics solution.

  • Key aggregate local and reciprocal statistics (now requested by the OECD), along with risk assessment views displayed in interactive dashboards.
  • Powerful pre-built filing and transmission analysis dashboards, for immediate management overview and tracking of compliance levels by reporting entities.
  • A comprehensive set of monitoring reports to support AEOI peer reviews and reporting to government stakeholders as needed.

Product Highlights

Filing & Exchange Tracking

Filing & Exchange Tracking

  • Powerful dashboard monitors live filing status of FIs during peak periods.
  • Related tabular data views ensure easy access to related primary user information for specific follow-ups.
  • The Competent Authority team can see Financial Institutions who have:
    • Registered for a reporting obligation but have provided no or incomplete data.
    • Submitted data late
    • Require corrections
  • Dashboards to monitor the status of filings transmissions via the CTS & and related corrections.
  • The Competent Authority can constantly monitor FIs with corrected filings and the status of those corrections.
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment



  • Dashboard highlights FIs with the highest impact and risk for your jurisdiction.
    • Quickly highlight top countries and FIs with immediate information on accounts with the highest balances.
    • Pie chart shows distribution of account balances by reporting FIs.
    • Filter by account type or sending jurisdiction.
    • Interactive table displays the Top 50 account holders by account balance.


  • Interactive analysis of MNE data received from CbC reporting based on OECD risk indicators.
  • Explore jurisdiction data visually by MNE and Business Activity.


Learn more about the breadth of this add-on module that provides advanced reporting on CRS, FATCA and CbC Reporting data.

Vizor AEOI Analytics Data Sheet

Learn more about our Vizor AEOI Analytics module.

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Vizor Software has been architected and developed to the highest international standards, incorporating best practice development methodologies and utilising modern enterprise-class technologies.

SQL Server

Supports Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database management system

Multiple Data Formats

Supports filings in both standardized XML and manual entry to Vizor web forms.


Including encryption, CAPTCHA, Active Directory and 2-factor authentication support

Enterprise Performance

Highly scaleable to handle heavy usage and peak periods