Problems we Solve
  • The cost of Regulatory reporting changes. By implementing Vizors automatic synchronisation solutions, we reduce the cost and impact of all future Regulatory changes.
  • No more last-minute submission failures. Save time in report preparation by receiving instant feedback on failures and warnings at each stage in the process.
  • Enhance your existing regulatory reporting solution with Vizor Reporting APIs, ensuring all the benefits of enterprise solutions without the associated costs.

Key Benefits
  • Automatic synchronisation with the regulator’s machine-readable data models and rules, eliminating complex system upgrades.
  • Cost-efficient, scalable and flexible solution with clear, simple and scalable pricing.
  •  Fast onboarding allows your reporting users to be up and running quickly.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Vizor Digital reporting is trusted by Regulators.

Two Solutions to Help Clients

Vizor Reporting API

Vizor Reporting API

  • Using Vizor Reporting APIs, FIs can send data to Vizor’s proprietary rules engine on a regular basis throughout the year, enabling data issues to be quickly identified and resolved prior to the reporting deadline.
  • Integrates with both in-house and RegTech solutions.
  • Vizor’s update service consumes the latest publications near-instantly to de-risk FIs against future requirements and report changes over time.
  • By employing the same rules engine as the regulator to ‘pre-validate’, your data is guaranteed to be right first time and ready for submission.
Vizor Reporting Centre

Vizor Reporting Centre

  • Vizor Reporting Centre is a return preparation tool which allows you to identify and resolve data issues iteratively prior to submission to the Regulator.
  • Easy to use web portal comes pre-loaded with the Regulator’s latest data models and rules.
  • Data can be pre-populated through API push from source systems.
  • Provides pre-configured workflows and emails which are triggered by new reporting requirements.
  • Keeps all rules automatically in sync with any new rules published by the regulator.


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Vizor Software has been architected and developed to the highest international standards, incorporating best practice development methodologies and utilising modern enterprise-class technologies.

SQL Server

Supports Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database system.

Multiple Data Formats

Supports a wide variety of formats including XBRL, XML, HTML, Excel and PDF.

Advanced Security

Including encryption, CAPTCHA, Active Directory and 2-factor authentication.

Enterprise Performance

Highly scalable to handle heavy usage and peak periods.