02 October 2019

Vizor Software to Participate in the DET Tax and Technology Workshop Series

Mary O’Leary, AEOI Business Development Manager to represent Vizor at the Tax Compliance: Exploiting the potential of AI, Robotics and Data Analysis Workshop in Geneva, 9-10 October.

Vizor Software, the world leader in cross-border information exchange for Tax Authorities, today announced that Mary O’Leary, will represent Vizor at DET Tax Compliance Workshop, part of the Tax and Technology Series. Taking place at the Campus Biotech, University of Geneva, Switzerland, this workshop will focus on TAXATION AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE with the aim of developing a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities these technologies pose for tax compliance in both developed and developing countries.

In August 2017, the WU Global Tax Policy Center (WU GTPC) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) launched the Digital Economy Tax Network (DET), a new multi-stakeholder initiative to provide a neutral global forum for discussions among government, business, international and regional organizations and academia and to undertake policy-relevant research on taxation issues arising from the Digital Economy, with particular focus on the medium-term potential for Blockchain to transform the way in which our tax systems operate.

This initiative aims to bring together leaders from government and business and leading research institutions from around the world to undertake collaborative cutting-edge research into the implications of digitalization for tax policy and tax administration so as to maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks associated with digitalization.

"This workshop brings together so many stakeholders from the worlds of tax and technology to brainstorm means by which to ultimately strengthen our tax systems. Vizor has already pioneered the way in sharing taxpayer information. I am excited to now explore new technologies to enhance analysis and ultimate use of the data collected.” Commented Mary O’Leary, AEOI Business Development Manager at Vizor.

To learn more about Vizor AEOI and how this out-of-the-box solution can enable CRS, FATCA or CbC information exchange for Tax Authorities in just six weeks, please visit the Vizor website.

About Vizor

Vizor Software is the global leader in cross-border information exchange solutions for Tax Authorities with 16 jurisdictions having already implemented our solution to facilitate either CRS and FATCA exchanges or both. With our expertise in AEOI standards, we ensure Tax Authorities can meet all their international commitments for CRS, FATCA, Exchange on Tax Rulings and CbC Reporting. Our proven software platform can be implemented in as little as five weeks and is continuously upgraded to ensure compliance with any future changes to the standards. The extensive validation of all submitted data greatly reduces the administrative burden and risk for the Competent Authority. You can learn more at vizorsoftware.com or by following Vizor on Twitter and LinkedIn.