12 December 2019

Vizor Software Launches AEOI Analytics Module for Tax Authorities

Tax Authorities can gain actionable insights and value from exchanged taxpayer data with Vizor Software’s out-of-the-box analytics solution.

Vizor Software, the global leader in cross-border information exchange solutions for Tax Authorities, recently launched AEOI Analytics, an add-on module to its existing Vizor AEOI Platform. The Analytics solution provides a complete, secure and user-friendly solution for Tax Authorities not just to meet OECD requirements for aggregate statistics and evidence of compliance and monitoring, but also offering sophisticated data matching rates and ensuring the integrity of the data being filed.

Many jurisdictions having now completed their CRS, CbC Reporting and FATCA exchanges are now looking for means by which to sort, match, analyse and ultimately utilise the data collected. In addition, as now requested by the OECD, jurisdictions are required to produce aggregate statistics, evidence of compliance levels and data matching rates as well as ensuring the integrity of the data being filed. Questions concerning the exchanges asked by other government bodies partner jurisdictions or the OECD are expected to be responded to within short timeframes and with a high degree of accuracy. Competent Authorities may struggle to produce these answers due to the volume and complexity of data collected both locally and received from partner jurisdictions.

Vizor AEOI Analytics meets this challenge by providing a suite of pre-built dashboards for the data collected through the Vizor AEOI platform. Vizor understands the data structure and has pre-integrated a complete reporting solution to address operational needs, statistical, compliance and risk reporting. The dashboards are built using the industry-leading Power BI reporting tool from Microsoft ensuring AEOI Analytics is the most powerful reporting solution available on the market.

Vizor Software is already the market leader in delivering technical solutions for all AEOI requirements (CRS, FATCA, CbC reporting and Exchange of Tax Rulings) to Tax Authorities. This expertise has been refined through implementing the solution in 16 jurisdictions around the world and from close co-operation with all of its clients and the OECD.

Having discussed the next phase of exchange of information extensively with jurisdictions, it is clear that what is now needed is an easy to use solution to match, sort and make use of all of the data being exchanged – not just for domestic processes but also in light of the statistics being requested from the OECD and the upcoming AEOI Peer Review Process”, commented Vizor’s CRS & AEOI Business Development Manager, Mary O’Leary. “*I am very excited to roll out our AEOI Analytics module to jurisdictions as feel it captures all of those requirements and more. As always Vizor prides itself on being the leader in the field of technology for AEOI and Data Analytics is a perfect example of our continued efforts in this area.*”

Feature highlights of the Vizor AEOI Analytics module include:

  • Key aggregate local and reciprocal statistics (as now requested by the OECD), along with risk assessment views displayed in interactive dashboards.
  • Powerful pre-built filing and transmission analysis dashboards, for immediate management overview and tracking of compliance levels by reporting entities.
  • Advanced visualizations and data insights, allowing business users to identify patterns or trends in both locally filed and received data.
  • Easy to use filters and drill down to analyse specific filings or account reports.
  • A comprehensive set of monitoring reports to support AEOI peer reviews and reporting to government stakeholders as needed.

To learn more about the Vizor AEOI Analytics module and how this out-of-the-box solution can help you fully meet your OECD obligations or to learn more about the Vizor AEOI suite of products, please visit the Vizor website: https://www.vizorsoftware.com/solutions/aeoi-for-tax-authorities/

About Vizor

Vizor Software is the global leader in cross-border information exchange solutions for Tax Authorities with 16 jurisdictions having already implemented our solution to facilitate either CRS and FATCA exchanges or both. With our expertise in AEOI standards, we ensure Tax Authorities can meet all their international commitments for CRS, FATCA, Exchange on Tax Rulings and CbC Reporting. Our proven software platform can be implemented in as little as five weeks and is continuously upgraded to ensure compliance with any future changes to the standards. The extensive validation of all submitted data greatly reduces the administrative burden and risk for the Competent Authority. You can learn more at vizorsoftware.com or by following Vizor on Twitter and LinkedIn.