15 January 2019

Vizor Entity Support Removes Burden from Competent Authority Team

Leading SupTech and AEOI Solution provider for financial supervisors and tax authorities offers complete managed service to support reporting entities and other end users.

Vizor, the world leader in supervisory software for financial regulators and cross-border information exchange for tax authorities, today announced the launch of the Entity Support Centre, a new service developed based on extensive experience gained from supporting thousands of users around the world.

Staffed by Vizor experts, the Entity Support Centre is a comprehensive managed support service that combines a range of modern tools including how-to videos, live webinars, and a searchable knowledge base, to provide enhanced customer service and support for end users. The service scales to support peak demand periods, improving the authority’s reputation with reporting entitles.

“Competent authorities are expected to provide comprehensive end user support resources and services on an ongoing basis despite being stretched dealing with the increased data collection needs”, commented Conor Crowley, CEO of Vizor. “Our experts provide proactive support that helps drive improved compliance and allows your team to focus on their key responsibilities.”

Key benefits include:

  • Addresses common support issues with an extensive knowledge base including user-guides, articles and FAQs that are maintained and updated.
  • Removes the support burden on the competent authority team with all end user application queries resolved by a team of experts through the Vizor helpdesk.
  • Support resources that scale to cater for peak periods of demand around filing deadlines, ensuring end users are fully supported around these key dates.
  • Professional how-to videos improve learning outcomes and provide the modern support systems expected by end-users.
  • Support outreach to reporting entities with regular webinars for the end user community from subject matter experts.

Learn more about the Vizor Entity Support Centre by watching a short video and requesting the Entity Support Centre Datasheet on our website.