04 February 2019

Protect Regulatory Reporting Data from Cyber Risks

Leading SupTech and AEOI Solution provider launches Cybersecurity add-on module and services package.

Vizor, the world leader in supervisory software for financial regulators and cross-border information exchange for tax authorities, today announced the Company has added a new cybersecurity service to their comprehensive product line.

Vizor Cybersecurity provides the highest level of security by leveraging a team of security analysts who audit emerging cyber threats utilising advanced security features and pro-active monitoring. It is offered as an add-on module and services package for Vizor’s financial supervision and AEOI offerings. Vizor Cybersecurity capabilities are tightly integrated into Vizor Software, this ensures ease of deployment, management and usability and the service is provided as part of a fixed annual charge with associated SLAs.

“The threat, sophistication and impact of cyber attacks on the financial sector is growing and competent authorities are increasingly looking to address cyber risk and cybersecurity. However, additional security layers can cause usability issues and existing monitoring is often complex and expensive, commented Vizor’s Head of Product Marketing, John Fallon. “With Vizor Cybersecurity we provide peace of mind that your system is actively monitored and protected from emerging cybersecurity threats.”

Learn more about the Vizor Cybersecurity and request the datasheet on the Vizor Website.