Vizor AEOI solution implemented by Oman’s Tax Authority

Vizor Software announces that The Sultanate of Oman Tax Authority has fully implemented its AEOI platform to manage its Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) commitments set out under the OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and Country-by-Country (CbC) Reporting. Vizor will also soon be delivering its AEOI Analytics module. The first CRS transmissions of data to be sent to its partner jurisdictions via the Common Transmission System (CTS) will occur in December 2020.

‘’We selected Vizor AEOI based both on the user-friendliness of the solution as well as their track record of success with tax authorities not just in the region but globally,” commented Said Shanfari from the Tax Authority, Oman. “We are delighted to see the project reach Go-Live ensuring we meet our exchange commitments on time with the highest quality data and ultimately ensuring that Oman maintains a well-regulated and transparent environment.”

The implementation has been delivered in partnership with a leading Omani technology services company - Software Systems LLC (SSL), part of OHI Group of Companies, with the Vizor team working remotely for the whole duration of the project.

‘’We are very proud to have delivered this project as our first AEOI project to be implemented 100% remotely due to the pandemic environment we are currently operating within. This was enabled by an excellent working relationship with both our local partner SSL as well as the Tax Authority combined with the vast experience and expertise of the team supporting 19 AEOI clients around the globe,’’ commented Mary O’Leary, Vizor’s AEOI Business Development Manager.

“A key driver behind the success of this project has been the excellent coordination between the Tax Authority, SSL and Vizor. While Vizor brought to the table a world-class product and a team of experts in the Tax domain, SSL brought the experience of delivering projects locally in Oman. The Tax Authority’s commitment to the project and their excellent project team were also crucial to the success of the project” commented Osama Henein, General Manager of SSL.

The Vizor AEOI solution comprises a single straightforward and extremely user-friendly software platform enabling the Tax Authority to meet its full set of international tax information sharing commitments including FATCA, CRS, CbC, ETR and soon to be Economic Substance Reporting requirements. Vizor AEOI also offers an Analytics Module enabling further data analysis and sophisticated data reporting (to comply with OECD questionnaires for example).

Feature highlights of the Vizor AEOI solution include:

  • Extremely user friendly and quick Financial Institution and Multinational Entity self-registration and account creation.
  • Extensive validation of CRS, CbC, ETR and FATCA data, including validation against XML schema, validation against account information and all other business rules, avoiding the need for correction of data by the Tax Authority.
  • Configuration options for running in “fully automated” mode, so little or no manual interaction with the system is required by the officials of the Tax Authority.
  • A suite of reports for monitoring, tracking and reviewing information within the system, assisting the Tax Authority with both oversight and compliance as well as tracking of entities obligations.
  • Full support for future changes to any of the tax exchange obligation schemas.

About SSL

Software Systems LLC (SSL) is a fully owned subsidiary of the OHI Group. SSL has been serving Government agencies and businesses in Oman for over 25 years and is one of the country’s leading software solutions and services firm. SSL has a team of 100+ resources based in the country and offers its customers cutting-edge technology solutions in Enterprise Content Management, Analytics, Automation and Digital Transformation.