18 June 2019

Vizor Accelerates Innovation in SupTech with Open APIs and Cloud

The Vizor Software 2019 Release includes new machine-to-machine APIs for SupTech integration along with the launch of Vizor Cloud.

Vizor, the world leader in enterprise supervisory software for financial regulators, today announced the 2019 Product Release of its flagship supervisory platform. This major release allows financial supervisors to distribute data through new machine-to-machine interfaces (APIs). It also includes the availability of Vizor Cloud deployment options, enabling accelerated self-service implementations of new regulatory reporting requirements and processes.

Supervisory Authorities operate Vizor Software in a broad technical landscape for which they desire well documented and modern integration capabilities. API Connectors are used to push data to downstream systems - such as partner agencies, document management systems and ERP systems. The availability of open APIs allows supervisors to share data with other systems more quickly and maintain integrations at a lower cost.

Vizor implements RESTful APIs defined in the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) as the modern standard for its APIs. This offers many advantages such as bandwidth efficiency and caching, improving performance, interoperability and scalability. While REST supports many data formats, the predominant use of JSON for data exchange means the data is highly consumable by other systems.

*“Vizor is committed to promoting a collaborative SupTech/RegTech ecosystem and we see APIs as one of the enablers of a more seamless exchange of data and metadata between different parties in machine-readable formats. Combining a well defined data model with open standards for data sharing will promote innovation.*” commented Joanne Horgan, Chief Innovation Officer at Vizor.

Vizor Cloud allow business and technical users to more rapidly apply regulatory and process changes as well as test the functional capabilities of Vizor Software in a secure cloud environment. Vizor Cloud environments are implemented to the highest security level using two-factor authentication (2FA), IP whitelisting and other security measure. Cloud environment are always available to business users, meaning changes can be implemented more quickly. This ensures supervisors are better able to respond to emerging threats and regulatory developments.

The 2019 Product Release includes significant enhancements to the Vizor Platform. New dashboards provide supervisors with earlier access to key indicators in a graphical interface. Additional self-service improvements such as upgrades to the metadata Importers allow creation of, and updates to, data models by use of an Excel template. The 2019 Release also includes support for iXBRL and further CyberSecurity features. For more details on the new release, please visit the Vizor Software 2019 Release page.

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