14 May 2020

Remote Working as the new normal (for now!)

While carefully monitoring the daily developments and updates, coupled with growing concerns around COVID-19, Vizor has been following the Irish government guidelines and has invoked its Business Continuity Plan, and since Friday 13th March has put in place its Remote Working policy, to ensure all employees and their families stay safe.

Also, Vizor had postponed the annual SupTech/RegTech conference due to be held in May, cancelled all planned international and domestic travel and upcoming in-person meetings.

Vizor is in the fortunate position of having years of experience successfully providing services remotely to clients in over 25 countries around the world, ensuring the Vizor team is fully available and capable of continuing to deliver without any reduction or break in service via:

  • Emails, video and phone calls, conference meetings (Microsoft Teams, WebEx or GoToMeeting platforms)
  • Video demonstration of our products
  • On-demand call back from our sales representatives
  • Monthly newsletter with upcoming webinars, industry trends and company updates
  • Official social media accounts – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

For Vizor’s current customers, we have the following in place to facilitate remote working:

  • 24/7 access to our Customer Support platform, online Training Academy, FAQ articles and guides
  • Monthly client webinars covering product roadmaps, trends and industry insights

In these challenging times, Vizor believes that being responsible to the community is crucial to overcome this unprecedented situation. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and adjust our processes to ensure undisrupted delivery of our services and projects.

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