Virtual roundtable: The future of FS risk data collection with Digital Reporting

A JWG SupTech virtual roundtable

A decade on from the financial crisis, the European Commission fitness check found different data modelling standards and reporting formats in place for transaction reporting and risk regimes. Efforts are underway to prove digital regulatory reporting can link reporting requirements to a business lifecycle to facilitate machine readability.

This summer, the Bank of England and the EBA launched efforts to optimise supervisory reporting. Could DRR help clarify granular reporting obligations, harmonise concepts and define data quality expectations for risk data?

A virtual panel of regulatory risk experts shared their perspectives on how new data standards and technologies will be applied to produce better reporting outcomes in Europe and the UK. Key topics covered:

  • Today’s concerns over the current method of data collection and future supervisory board priorities
  • The key SupTech deployment challenges to obtaining high quality, granular data and timely insight
  • Approaches, tactics and strategies for NCB migration to a granular data approach
  • Jermy Prenio, Senior Advisor, Financial Stability Institute at Bank for International Settlements – BIS
  • Gavin Stewart, Director, Financial Services Group, Grant Thornton (ex BoE/FCA)
  • Francis Gross, Senior Advisor, ECB
  • Alistair Milne, Professor of Financial Economics, Loughborough School of Business and Economics
  • Joanne Horgan, Chief Innovation Officer Vizor
  • Moderator: PJ Di Giammarino, Founder and CEO JWG
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