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Vizor has been providing training services for almost 20 years. Our training courses are hands-on and combine mixed-mode methodology to deliver an effective and enjoyable user experience. Feedback from training courses is consistently positive with satisfaction ratings received from delegates constantly exceeding expectations. We have successfully delivered training to over 35 different competent authorities equipping hundreds of users with the knowledge and skills they need to administer and maintain Vizor Software.

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Vizor Training Academy

The Vizor Training Academy is an on-demand eLearning Web portal giving access to product training across all Vizor product lines and allows professionals to achieve certification requirements ensuring those tasked with administering and maintaining Vizor Software solutions are properly enabled to do so. It can facilitate several hundred individual sessions per month so users can be active on the system completing courseware at their own pace.

Key Features
  • Access to any or all our Vizor product courses depending on solutions deployed and content needs.
  • Highly consumable video content including online examinations, assessments and assignments.
  • Individual learner feedback as learners’ complete assignments and answer questions.
  • Instant recognition of course progression, excellent performance and strong participation.
  • Graded results, transcripts and certificates available for all certification examinations.
  • Easily track course progress, examination performance and training history.
  • Reports to track key metrics such course progress, performance and training histories.

Classroom-Based Tuition

The Vizor classroom experience is carefully designed to be highly interactive and engaging.

All courses and associated topics are delivered by a highly competent and experienced instructor who is an expert in classroom delivery techniques and in the configuration and usage of Vizor Software.

The customer can take the option of traveling to Vizor’s office in Dublin or host the training in country.

Key Features
  • Each participant is given the opportunity to receive full hands-on exposure to working with Vizor software in the context of each course through carefully structured and graded hands-on activities.
  • In addition to hands-on activities, participants complete a series of prescribed exercises to re-enforce concepts and techniques practised during the course.
  • A certification examination is administered on the last day of each course with immediate scoring and feedback given to each individual participant.
  • All participants have the opportunity to complete feedback questionnaires to determine the effectiveness of training methods.


Certification in the use of Vizor Software is available at several levels to suit a variety of departmental needs. Completion of each of the certification levels in sequence leads to the Vizor Certified Solution Specialist (VCSS) for regulatory data collections. The training course descriptions outline suitable audience types along with the associated level of certification.

Advanced Vizor Training Workshops

The advanced training workshops (2-3 days in duration) comprise a unique opportunity to gain additional hands-on practice in specialist topics through a customised agenda. A short consultation session is usually undertaken to agree on topic selection.

Previously delivered advanced training workshops have comprised the following topics:

  • XBRL Importer usage
  • XML Importer usage
  • Dimensional Data representation techniques
  • Data warehouse analytics
  • Advanced form design
  • Project dependency analysis

The normal pre-requisite for participation on an advanced training workshop is successful certification through classroom based or online training which includes the topics delivered during the workshop.

Further information

For more information on these and other Vizor training options including Product Update Webinars and Mixed Classroom Events, as well as pricing and availability, please contact our training team.

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