Vizor has created a new Innovation Group inside of the company to provide direction and support for the various streams of innovation. The company's success is built on bringing new approaches to solving real customer problems in under served markets. As the company has grown and developed it has now formalised its internal processes around innovation.


The Vizor Roadmap is shaped by a combination of internal innovation and customer feedback. Customers are invited to join either our Roadmap Advisory Council or one of our User Group Workshops held during the year. These customer events provide an opportunity for networking, sharing of strategic priorities and contributing to Vizor’s product direction.

Organised for Innovation

A new senior management role of Chief Innovation Officer has been established and Joanne Horgan has been appointed to this role. A cross functional Innovation Group has also been formed. The team have formalised the idea exploration process, thus ensuring new ideas are fully explored and tested.


Vizor regularly runs idea "Hackathons". These events provide an opportunity for the whole company to get involved in intense innovation sessions. Taking new ideas and bringing forward concepts or prototypes which are presented in front of peers. Winning teams are awarded time to continue to work on their idea to bring it forward.

Design Thinking

The Vizor Innovation Group have embraced the design thinking process as part of ideation and the early stages of innovation. This is followed by the Vizor Prototype Sprint which is run in collaboration with customers. The sprint is a five-phase framework that helps answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing.