Our Implementation Methodology

Vizor have developed a formal implementation approach which incorporates elements from several best practice project management methodologies, such as Prince II, PMBOK, and the agile development approach (SCRUM). The implementation is underpinned by effective project governance and organisation which ensures adherence to client schedules and quality expectations.

Our method has been honed and continuously improved through more than 18 years of practical experience exclusive to the world of competent authorities. Each implementation is conducted by a dedicated core team of experienced personnel, ensuring an extremely efficient, low-risk project.

Our method is a scalable, structured and phased approach consisting of pre-defined inputs, activities and outputs. The methodology is designed to deliver a project that:

  • Delivers a proven product configured to meet your business needs.
  • Uses our experience and knowledge of best practices to your benefit.
  • Provides visibility into and accountability of our activities and services.
  • Ensures our personnel are working in an integrated manner as one team.
  • Utilises your resources effectively through mutual planning of all activities.
  • Scales to meet the complexity or simplicity of your specific implementation needs.

Our Product Approach

Vizor offers a commercial off-the-shelf suite of software solutions that have been developed and proven in the market.  During the project, the system is configured to meet your specific needs, using an agile sprint-based methodology.  Using sprints allows the system to be delivered incrementally, reducing risk and allowing for early course correction. 

Our Beliefs

With our extensive experience in delivering projects globally, Vizor has honed a delivery methodology that utilises a mix of on-site and remote working, specifically designed to meet the needs of the project at each of its stages.  Our dedicated team will work in close collaboration as “one team” with your project resources for the duration of a project, guaranteeing both transparency in communication and delivery success. 

We also believe in providing full knowledge transfer and empowering our clients with our software. We provide a full Certification Training Program which is designed to ensure client business (and in some cases technical) staff will be capable of managing, maintaining, changing and extending the system far into the future. 


The combination of our software, our approach, our highly experienced teams, and our implementation methodology results in shorter project timeframes, allowing a quicker return on investment. 

Vizor Staged Approach

Our structured approach has been proven and refined over the years. With five manageable stages, the approach ensures that the implementation is appropriately resourced and the channels for effective collaboration are in place from day one.  Each stage has a defined entry and exit criteria.

Our five stages are summarised below: